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How I live Mindfully

Updated: Apr 6

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I'm often asked what kind of meditation practice I have or how I fit wellbeing into my life so I thought I would give you a snapshot of how I learned to live mindfully.

I was told long ago that the two best times of the day for setting an intention are first thing in the morning and last thing at night because the conscious mind is releasing it's control and the subconscious mind is most receptive so most days, as soon as I wake up I say to myself that today is a really good day. As I get out of bed I begin the first of my gratitude check ins by being grateful for my warm comfortable bed, for my family sleeping safely and the opportunities that today will bring.

I like to get up early so that I don't have to rush and can ease myself into the day. I like to snuggle up with the dog and a cup of tea on the sofa and with the tea finished say two "prayers" or offerings. The first is one in which I offer up my hopes and dreams to the universe and ask how I can be of service that day and the second is my next gratitude check-in where I meditate on all of the things that I am grateful for.

None of these practices have actually taken me very long but I have started my day with a positive intention, love and gratitude which helps me to keep my vibration or spirit high and attracts more of the same into my life. Gratitude is the jackpot emotion for boosting endorphins, feeling good and changing our mindset. The more things that you can find to be truly grateful for, the more lovely things you attract into your life to be even more grateful for and in it goes in a beautiful cycle of abundance.

By this time my husband is up. He joins the dog and I for a cuddle and then while,he gets ready for work, I check my diary,send out appointment reminders and respond to my social media.

After my husband and son have left for work, the dog and I go out for a lovely long walk usually over the fields or by the river. This is a key practice for mine and the dogs wellbeing. Spending time in nature is a non negotiable for me as I find it grounding and inspiring and the dog is the best mindfulness teacher I know He teaches me how to be more present while he has the best time discovering what the walk has to offer him, tail wagging madly all the time. He comes back to check on me every so often and I swear it looks like he is smiling.

At lunchtime, after eating, I'll check in with how I'm feeling, what I'm thinking and how that's working out for me. If I have time, I'll do a short meditation. If not, I'll just take a few deep breaths and some shoulder rolls.

When I have finished my afternoon calls, I like to take a short yoga class as it helps me to let go of the day. It also helps me to get some stiffness out of my body as I spend a lot of each day sitting down.

After dinner, if I am not working, I will take the dog out for another walk and when I come back, I'll combine 25 minutes on the shakti mat with a meditation or if time is limited, I'll just do a shorter meditation or mantra. Taking the dog out for a lovely long extra walk is one of the ways that I can do service. Offering a free women's circle and volunteering are others. Being of service to others is a really good wellbeing tool it enables us to sidestep the ego and freely give our time and energy with no expectation of receiving anything in return. It's great karma too!

After an evening chilling out with my husband, going out or seeing friends, I'll do a gratitude practice for what I have received during the day and set an intention for what I want to manifest in the world as I am dropping off to sleep.

At weekends, if we're not away or out, I'll try to fit in a yoga class or longer mediation or maybe some cacao. I also like a glass or two of wine and love watching a film. If the sun is shining you'll find me outside and maybe even dozing in the hammock or sitting around a fire pit.

Once a month I have acupuncture and once a month I have a reiki treatment to keep myself nicely topped up with good vibes and healing energy.

We love to travel and try to go somewhere every month. I find that travelling fulfills me and I love meeting new people, learning new things and experiencing a different culture or climate all of which contributes to my positive mindset.

I love to read and do arts and crafts so I can often be found with a book in the hammock in the summer or at the table making something when I can't be outside.

I also like to learn and am often working through a course or engrossed in a documentary. I then try to apply what I have learned to my practice and my work.

I've found that scrimping on the things that keep me happy and well, negatively impacts on those around me as well as myself. If I'm tired or run down then I can't be as supportive of others as I would like to be and they are used to.

If I'm ill, I might not be able to work and as I provide the things that keep our people happy and well, that can have a huge impact on wellbeing. If I'm feeling down, then my vibration has the potential to bring those around me down too. So to my mind, me prioritising my wellbeing is the best thing that I can do for myself and those around me.

In writing this down to order my thoughts for this blog, it was interesting to note how much I do every day to stay mindful and well but I haven't taken it all on at once. These practices have layered up as the years have gone on and I prioritise my practice over tv or spending time on social media so I don't feel rushed or overwhelmed in trying to fit it all in. It's just kind of evolved into the way I live my life as the knowledge and opportunity has presented itself.

Possibly the most empowering knowledge and opportunity to date is the understanding that I can chose what I focus on and how I want to respond and allowing the present moment to unfold exactly as it should without any interference from me. This has been a game changer and freed up so much time that previously , I would have been using to worry or trying to control things in.

I hope you have found this helpful. I really believe that small, consistent changes have the biggest impact on how our lives unfold and how we manage ourselves with that life.

If you would like to learn how to start the work on quieting your mind then please get in touch.



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