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Workplace Wellbeing

I help businesses support the mental health of their key personnel and those working with them by providing coping mechanisms and stress management techniques.


Additionally , I work with staff in trauma inducing situations to integrate and resolve that trauma. to ultimately reduce absenteeism, minimising the negative emotional and financial impact of those absences, and enhance staff retention.

Are you tired of seeing your team's morale dip, your trained and valued colleagues leave and staff absence rates soar?


You're not alone.

​Poor mental health among employees costs the UK economy £102 billion each year according to data released by the government.


In today's pressurised work environment, maintaining a happy and healthy team is more difficult yet more crucial than ever.

That's where I come in!

I provide businesses with a personalised and focused workplace mental health service.

Enabling them to support colleagues with their mental health including managing stress and anxiety, resolving trauma and preventing overwhelm and burnout.

Helping them to reduce absence caused by poor mental health, minimising the impact on other team members and improving staff retention.

Two thirds of staff absences could be prevented if employees receive support while still in work vs waiting for them to already be off sick.   


workplace wellbeing provider

I offer preventative support, including a quick response telephone call, so that colleagues can proactively manage the stress and emotional load of a modern workplace and their busy lives before it starts to impact their work and life. 

I provide personalised interventions. Within 24 hours, your struggling colleague will have a1:1 therapy appointment with me so that they can quickly begin to work through the issues that are negatively affecting their mental health.

I deliver sustained support for those colleagues who are at risk of needing to take extended periods of time off work. Together we will work to manage and resolve the issues that are affecting them on all levels of their subconscious. Enabling them to find effective and lasting strategies and solutions to supporting their mental health. 

I help you to build effective teams through group coaching sessions, workshops and seminars.

I offer a sounding board for you to work through new projects and ideas so that they cause minimal stress and disruption to the workplace.

Why should you choose me?

Stress. Staff absence. Staff wellbeing. Coaching. Therapy. Suffolk. what to do if an employee has mental health issues.

Because I provide a comprehensive and effective way to help your colleagues to quickly identify the root of their issue, apply effective coping strategies to manage their emotions and work through their issues in depth. Reducing the likelihood of extended time off and placing additional strain on other team members  in your workplace.

My personalised and unique Life and Mindset Therapy incorporates Counselling skills,  Trauma Informed Coaching, CBT, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Emotional Freedom Technique and Clinical Hypnotherapy so that I can provide targeted support for your colleagues at every level.



My informative and motivating workshops, provide your team with the tools and strategies they need to thrive at home and at work.


My therapy style is warm and empowering and takes place in the safe space that I create.

I am accredited by EMCC at Senior Practitioner level am a member of the Complementary Medical Association and hold an enhanced DBS.

Get in touch today to learn more about how I can support your workplace. 

Key Benefits

Stress management. Workplace wellbeing. How to reduce staff absence. Braintree.Essex. UK

Stress Management:

Manage workplace stress with easy to use techniques. My programme equips colleagues with the tools and strategies to effectively manage their stress, boosting resilience and overall well-being.

How to reduce staff absence. mental health at work. Essex. online. suffolk. Sick leave.

Reduced Sick Leave: 

Employees who feel supported and engaged are less likely to succumb to burnout and illness, resulting in fewer days off work and improved staff retention.

Team building. Communication. Reducing sick leave. Workplace wellbeing. Colchester. Chelmsford. Online

Team Building:

Strengthen interpersonal relationships,improve communication and encourage collaboration while fostering conflict resolution skills create a positive and thriving workplace.

Communication.Conflict resolution. Stress management. Burnout. How to reduce stress.Essex. UK

Improved Communication.

Reduce conflict and misunderstanding by learning how to actively listen, manage expectations and communicate effectively and compassionately

Leadership development. Staff potential.. Confidence. Burnout. Mental health. Essex. London

Leadership Development

Colleagues develop the skills required to be confident and proactive. Using goal setting and motivational tools to reduce limiting beliefs, colleagues can feel supported to achieve their potential

Work life balance. staff wellbeing. How to prevent burnout. How to cope with stress. Hertfordshire

Reduce Burnout

Colleagues feel supported to establish healthy boundaries between work and personal life. Setting clear boundaries is a crucial aspect of well-being and  helps to prevent burnout and encourages a healthier work-life balance.

Work with Me

Therapy. Stress. Mindset. Workplace. Coaching

Mental Health Support Service

Bespoke support service for your team including: Telephone support line, Life and Mindset Therapy tailored to your colleagues individual requirements and group coaching options.

Problem solving. mental health at work. Staff wellbeing. Essex

Communication & Team Building Workshop.

2 hour online workshop to

reduce misunderstanding

and conflict in the workplace.


Listening skills.

Conflict resolution.

Inclusive language

Therapy. How to reduce stress. How to stop overwhelm. How to manage anxiety

Stress Busters Workshop.

2 Hour online workshop. Covering: Understanding stress, managing anxiety

and  reducing


With coping tools and problem solving skills

Leadership potential. Barriers to success. Goal setting. Health and wellbeing at work.. Limiting beliefs. Essex. London

Unlocking Your Potential Workshop

2 hour online workshop to

empower colleagues to achieve their potential.


Goal setting

Overcoming Unhelpful beliefs.


Get a Quote

Interventions and workshops are delivered online.

The workshops can be bought as stand alone interventions, as a set or combined with Life and Mindset Therapy.

Please get in touch with your requirements via the button below.

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