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Workplace Wellbeing

Are you tired of seeing your team's morale dip and staff absence rates soar?


You're not alone.


In today's pressurised work environment, maintaining a happy and healthy team is more difficult yet more crucial than ever.

That's where I come in!


I offer a bespoke solution to supporting your staff when they need it most.

Early intervention is a powerful and cost effective way to promote mental health in the workplace.

I understand the challenges that your employees are facing and support them to manage the thoughts and behaviours that are impacting on their wellbeing.


I know how prolonged staff absence and high turnover rates, effects overall morale and productivity and how that can impact on your organisation.


I'm here to help.




Why should you choose me?

My personalised and unique Life and Mindset Therapy incorporating Coaching, CBT, Mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Technique and Clinical Hypnotherapy offers a comprehensive and effective way to help your colleagues to quickly identify the root of their issue, apply effective coping strategies to manage their emotions and work through their issues in depth. Reducing the likelihood of extended time off, and placing additional strain on other team members  in your workplace.


My informative and motivating workshops, provide your team with the tools and strategies they need to thrive at home and at work.


From personalised therapy, to stress management techniques, to encouraging a positive work culture, I can help you to create a workplace where your team feels valued and supported.


Get in touch today to learn more about how I can support your workplace. 

Key Benefits:

Staff wellbeing. Burnout. morale. Essex. Suffol. Norfolk. Online
Stress management. Workplace wellbeing. Essex. UK

Stress Management:

Manage workplace stress with easy to use techniques. My programme equips colleagues with the tools and strategies to effectively manage their stress, boosting resilience and overall well-being.

How to reduce staff absence. Workshops. online. suffolk

Reduced Sick Leave: 

Employees who feel supported and engaged are less likely to succumb to burnout and illness, leading to fewer days off work.

Team building. relationships. workplace culture.Halstead. Colchester

Team Building:

Strengthen interpersonal relationships,improve communication and encourage collaboration while fostering conflict resolution skills create a positive and thriving workplace.

Communication. Stress management. Burnout. conflict resolution. Essex. UK

Improved Communication.

Reduce conflict and misunderstanding by learning how to actively listen, manage expectations and communicate effectively and compassionately

Leadership. Confidence. Potential. Management. Essex. London

Leadership Development

Colleagues develop the skills required to be confident and proactive. Using goal setting and motivational tools to reduce limiting beliefs, colleagues can feel supported to achieve their potential

Work life balance. staff wellbeing. How to prevent burnout. Essex.

Reduce Burnout

Colleagues feel supported to establish healthy boundaries between work and personal life. Setting clear boundaries is a crucial aspect of well-being and  helps to prevent burnout and encourages a healthier work-life balance.

Work with Me

Coaching. Stress. Mindset. Workplace

1:1 Life and Mindset  Therapy

Bespoke six session Life and Mindset Therapy Programme tailored to your colleagues individual requirements

Problem solving. At work. Staff wellbeing. Essex

Communication & Team Building Workshop.

2 hour online workshop to

reduce misunderstanding

and conflict in the workplace.


Listening skills.

Conflict resolution.

Inclusive language

Therapy. How to reduce stress. How to stop overwhelm. How to manage anxiety

Stress Busters Workshop.

2 Hour online workshop. Covering: Understanding stress, managing anxiety

and  reducing


With coping tools and problem solving skills

Leadership potential. Barriers to success. Goal setting. Limiting beliefs. Essex. London

Unlocking Your Potential Workshop

2 hour online workshop to

empower colleagues to achieve their potential.


Goal setting

Overcoming Unhelpful beliefs.


Get a Quote

Coaching is delivered online on a 1:1 basis.

The workshops can be bought as stand alone interventions, as a set or combined with coaching programmes.

Please get in touch with your requirements via the button below.

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