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How to create space for wellbeing.

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

We all need space.

We need space to move about in, to breath, to think and to be ourselves. But in today's busy world, we often find ourselves rushed and hemmed in physically, emotionally or by time.

The ability to create space for ourselves is a very valuable skill to have in our wellbeing toolkit.

Physically we can create space by reducing clutter and allowing the energy to flow freely around us and the space we inhabit. We can feel overwhelmed and anxious when we are surrounded by disorder and mess.

A simple trick to sort your space is to have 3 boxes or bags and sort stuff into keep, give away or throw and then make sure that everything that we are keeping has it's own place and it's easier to get to and out away.

Try to keep the space under your bed free from clutter and if things must go on top of cupboards, use attractive storey option so they don't irritate you every time you look at them.

To create space in your mind, try journalling (have a listen to podcast episode number 22) making a list, talking to a friend or walking.

To create space in your heart, allow feelings of anger, grief and hurt to be released by bringing them into the present, examining them, seeing what you can learn from them and then consciously releasing them from your body either through an intention at the start of an exercise practice or through affirmations such as I release all that no longer serves me or I am letting go of emotions that cause me pain.

By doing this, you then make space for new ,more positive emotions to come into your life.

To create space in your life, look at the tasks that you are busy with and see if they can be done in a more efficient manner, delegated, done less frequently or if you can pay someone to do them for you if that is an option (think window cleaning, gardening, ironing, online shopping etc)

By looking at where you can streamline what has to be done, you will be creating space for the things that you want to do.

To create space in your relationships, effective boundaries need to be installed and maintained (have a listen to podcast number for more about the hows and whys on that)

You may also find the following exercise useful when you need a little thinking time in a situation where you are feeling under pressure and you want to create space to think.

Notice 5 things that you hadn't previously seen.

4 things that you can feel (clothing, fingers, hair etc

3 things that you can hear

2 things that you can smell and

1 thing that you can taste (it may just be the inside of your mouth)

Distracting the brain with an exercise like this can help reduce the production of stress hormones which cloud our judgement and can make us feel anxious. This will then enable us to think more clearly an while we are calmer and more present moment aware, a solution often presents itself.

Other strategies that I find are really helpful for creating space in life are Cacao, which facilitates clearer thinking a sense of connection to mu inner self, meditation, which enables me to have quiet time and reflection and yoga which enables me to move emotion through my body so it can be released and quietens my mind.

I hope you have found this helpful.

If you would like to work with me on creating space in your life ,please get in touch. Likewise if you have any questions or experiences you want to share.

Take care.


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