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5 ways to rest, relax and enjoy life

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

For so many of us, life is one mad rush and there never seems to be enough time to do all the things that have to be done, let alone the things that we want to do. We become so conditioned to being busy that we forget how to rest,relax and thrive.

Our body is an incredible machine that when treated with respect can give us a wonderful human experience. Sadly, we all too often neglect to give it and our brain the proper rest and down time that they need to recuperate from the stresses and strains of daily life.

Without proper rest, our body and our brain becomes overworked and burnt out. We can start to feel ill, stressed or overwhelmed and this then has a knock on effect on our problem solving, decision making and wellbeing. We then become susceptible to disease and poor mental health.

Here are my top 5 tips to help you relax and get your mojo back.

1.Become mindful.

Stop operating on auto pilot and begin to question why you are so busy. Then look for ways to reduce the tasks, lessen the busy work, delegate jobs and restructure your time.

2.Get physical.

Any form of exercise will release endorphins (happy chemicals ) and help us to relax and feel happier and calmer. Try walking, jogging, yoga or pilates as the all have a meditative aspect that will enable you to lessen the constant chatter in your head.

3. Journal or meditate.

When we constantly have thoughts jumping around in our brains, we can find it difficult to think straight and it almost feels like we need to take our brain out and clean it or give it a shake so that we can quieten it down a bit . Journaling or meditation can help with this. Your writing doesn't have to be grammatically correct or be in coherent sentences you can literally vomit the contents of your brain onto the page and as soon as you do, you will feel calmer and less stressed. You can then read what you've read and organise your thoughts, problem solve and come up with a plan. Even if that plan is to leave it all on the page and start again another day. Meditation doesn't have to mean sitting cross legged chanting om. Any activity can be used for meditation, it is important to focus on one thing to the exclusion of all else that matters, not what you choose to focus on YouTube, Gaia and various apps like headspace and calm have guided meditations that you can listen to if you find that easier.

4. Create space.

It's very difficult to feel calm and relax when we have no space. For a busy head, use the tips above. For a cluttered space, it's more relaxing when the energy can flow around a room and we are not surrounded by things. Gather three bags or boxes together and go around the space that you want to feel relaxed in the most. Put the rubbish in one bag, the things that no longer bring you joy and you are ready to let go of in another box and give it away or sell it and in the third box, put the things that you don't need everyday or are happy not to have in the room but aren't ready to give up yet and keep them in a cupboard or loft. Don't forget to do under the bed and behind sofas. Energy needs to be able to flow all around us. Then rearrange what you are left with into a pleasing environment. Maybe change the lighting and maybe ban electronic devices from that room .

5.Spend time with the elements.

You may not have a green space near you but you can surround yourself with plants. If you can't sit around a fire pit and lose yourself in the flames, candles will work well. If the sea or river is too far away, sink into a hot , relaxing bath or listen to music of waves breaking on the shore. Fresh air is also very important to blow the cobwebs away so open windows, go for a walk, use your breath.

The only person who can choose to make the time to relax, rest and enjoy life is you. If you are still feeling like you have no time, go back and repeat the steps above and be more assertive.

If you don't MAKE the time now, your body will TAKE it when it's exhausted and it will be far more inconvenient and potentially serious when it does.

If you would like to work with me to make space in your life to relax, rest and enjoy your time, then please get in touch.

Whatever you choose to do, take care of you.

Chris. X

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