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How to slow down and stop stressing out.

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Many of us rush through life with a never ending to do list trying to multi task, never really switching off and burning ourselves out.

It's no wonder we feel overwhelmed at times.

It's because we've become human doings not human beings. We praise people for the long hours they work or how they can survive on two hours sleep and a coffee but this is not success. This is control and fatigue and disrespect . Disrespect of our amazing bodies that need to rest and repair, disregard for our spirit which needs to be nurtured and fatigue that will catch up with us at some point and may result in poor physical or mental health.

How do we become human beings?

We slow down - we are not experiencing all that life has to offer when we are rushing around. We are not savouring it or revelling in it's beauty.

Start by looking at all the jobs that you do, your social engagements and your responsibilities and look at what you do out of habit or a sense of duty and look to see if they can be reduced or completed more efficiently.

Only take part in the social engagements that you really want to and start making time for you to just sit and be. This may seem really strange if you haven't done this for a while or for some people ever. You may feel restless or that you are wanting time or that this is boring. Ignore all that. That is your brain trying to keep you in the familiarity of your routines.

The issue with the brain is that it's just a super computer that processes vast amounts of information each day and decides what it thinks is the safest thing for you to do. It may not be wants best for you or be making you happy but hey, you're still here so as far as it's concerned, job done!

So back to the sitting, try and relax. That's relax, not sleep.

Begin by scanning your body for areas of tension and the use the out breath to let that tension go. Then focus on your breath. Don't try to control it. Just watch as it enters and exits your body. Or if you prefer, find something to look at and really, really look at it . Become engrossed by it and notice how relaxed you feel when you're done.

Go for a walk, preferably in nature on your own, without your phone and pay attention to the sights, smells and sounds that are all around you.

Do some yoga, pilates or tai chi and become aware of your body and how the energy flows through you.

Listen to relaxing music or maybe read a book.

Try journaling to let all of that busyness flow out of your head and body and onto the paper.

Put your phone away.

Stop multi tasking.

Give whatever you are doing your full attention and be fully present. Take part in your life rather than rushing through it. Each day is a gift, that's why it's called the present.

If you would like some support with becoming less stressed and more present please get in touch

Chris x

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