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How to relax.

Updated: Feb 3

Chris Maragkakis. Blog Author

Hi. I'm going to look at the importance of relaxation,share some ideas for helping you to create a more relaxed environment and show you how to relax and be still.

So let's go.

Relaxation is really important for our physical and mental wellbeing. Our body's and mind are incredible pieces of kit but they need to be looked after properly to prevent them from becoming overstretched, overwhelmed and broken. For lot's of us, we have been so busy for so long that we have forgotten how to relax and be still.

The body's rest and repair system is the parasympathetic nervous system and we need to activate this regularly, preferably daily to maintain or health and wellbeing

It can be difficult to relax if the emotional brain is overactive. That is that you are used to keeping busy because you may have anxiety or depression and the chatter inside your head when you slow down becomes overwhelming.

For those of you experiencing this, most of the activities that I will suggest later will be safe for you I would suggest working with a coach or counsellor also that you can learn how to manage those thoughts in a safe environment but I would not recommend a sitting with the breath of cultivating awareness mediation practice for you at this stage.

For those of you that are really busy but don't experience high level anxiety and depression a Life Coach may also help but meditation is fine for you.

The space around us plays a big part in either stimulating or relaxing us.

Try to keep your environment clutter free. This allows energy to flow freely around us and helps calm the mind. Clutter not only make the space feel busy, it also plays on our subconscious, redirecting it with all sorts of messages and memories from the stuff laying around

Pick neutral or soothing colours such as greens, blues, browns and light gray to create a calming space. Use lush textiles to make chairs and beds inviting and keep ornaments and pictures happy and soothing to look at.

Air the space regularly to keep the energy fresh.

Turn off the TV, mute your phone or reduce the number of notifications and play music that makes you happy and relaxed.

Relaxing activities can include:


Listening to music



Yoga, pirates or Tai chi



Listening to guided relaxations


Spending time with family and friends

Having a massage or therapy of some kind

Arts and crafts

Watching the flames of a stove or firepit


Breathwork (pranayama)

Soaking in a bath or hot tub

The list goes on and on because obviously what we find relaxing may be someone else's idea of hell.

The key is to take some me time everyday. This is not selfish, this is essential. You cannot fill from an empty jug as the saying goes and if you are not making time for yourself to rest, relax and be still then ultimately your body or brain will make you when it becomes worn out and overwhelmed and you become ill so it's better to do it on your own terms when it suits you than when you have reached rock bottom physically or mentally.

This brings us to the biggest barrier which is time.

It's crazy but we will do jobs we hate before taking time for ourselves to rest. This is disempowering and not sustainable.

So if you can't see where you can find the time, make a list of what you are trying to squeeze into each day.

Then question what must be done and what be can left, delegated or combined with something else.

Maybe set an alarm on your phone to take a lunch break. Have a simple lunch and then use the remaining time to dona relaxing activity. You'll find yourself more productive and able to focus better. Maybe you can join a class so that the the fact that you are paying for it is tue motivation to make time.

Start saying no to the things and people that are filling up your life. Just because you've always does it or always known someone doesn't mean to have to keep doing it or spend time with them.

Start putting yourself first. When you are healthy and happy, you are better placed to help other people.

If you are having a totally crazy day, utilise queuing or being on hold or waiting to collect someone by rolling your shoulders, taking some long, slow deep breaths or maybe do some doodling or reading. You could even us the time time to close your eyes and do a body scan to consciously let go of the tension and stress.

You could switch the TV off half an hour earlier or get up a little earlier every day so that you can create the time for self care.

I hope you have found this helpful if you would like to work on creating a life of calmness with opportunities for relaxation, then please get in touch.


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