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How to balance your energy with the Law of Gender

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Chris Maragkakis. Blog author

Gender is a very current topic presently and I don't want to get drawn into the issues of how we identify.

As far as I'm concerned, we all need to be authentic and how we identify is our choice, but what I want to talk about is the male and female energy and how that relates to our wellbeing.

Throughout history, it has been generally thought that the universe works in alignment with 12 natural laws and these are regularly evidenced in ancient cultures including the Hawaiian system of ho,oponopono and the hermtic philosophy of ancient egypt.

These laws are:

The law of divine oneness

The law of vibration

The law of inspired action

The law of correspondence

The law of cause and effect

The law of compensation

The law of attraction

The law of perpetual transmutation of energy

The law of relativity

The law of polarity

The law of rhythm

and the law of gender which states that gender manifests in all things as masculine and feminine. That everything in nature is both male and female and the both things are required for life to exist.

So this law does not refer to gender as sex but as two opposing types of energy that need to be in balance or us to thrive and manifest. So let's look at how to balance your energy with the Law of Gender

The feminine being the idea or the one that nurtures and needs the masculine which is the action or the one that drives to compete the action.

Masculine energy is based in the acquisition and application of facts or knowledge and shows up as action, logic, practicality, stability, willpower, focus, clarity and being goal-oriented. Natural leaders and problem solvers or people who have big dreams and are highly motivated and driven are usually aligning with their masculine energy as are those people who are good in a crisis and this is healthy but if can’t sit still, find it difficult to switch off and are a perfectionist,then you might be accessing too much of your masculine energy.

However, if you are impulsive, chaotic, or feeling overwhelmed you might not be out of balance and need to access more of your energy

Feminine Energy on the other hand is based on understanding; It shows up as intuition, creativity, passion, nurturing, open, dynamic, and going with the flow.

Those of us who consider ourselves healers or who are able to tap into intuition or divine wisdom are aligning with our feminine energy positively and when you are being authentic to their connection, you inspire others to feel safe and supported and you attract people to you with the wonderful energy that flows from you.

In the same way too much masculine enemy can make you hyper, too much feminine energy can make it difficult to be motivated or make good decisions. You may even feel overwhelmed by those around you

When you're feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or disconnected from yourself and others it may mean that you need to tap into more of your feminine energy.

If your energy is out of balance and you are living mostly in your masculine energy you may find yourself micro managing or stressed out and struggle with negative self talk and critical od others.

If you are living mostly in your feminine energy, you might find yourself taking responsibility and caring for others and lose yourself by always putting others first. You may also find that you struggle with anxiety.

To stay healthy and well and live our best life, we need to create a balanced energy.

This is a generalisation over time. It doesn't mean that if you start the day in a really spiritual and creative way that you must be focused and critical of yourself at the end of it.

It's more that you learn to use the right energy for the corresponding action so that we can flow between the two when we need them yet return to a balanced state that enables you to be open to your spirituality and manage your time and emotions well, problem solve efficiently but know how to trust your intuition. To be able to care for others but be able to set and reinforce effective boundaries to have an idea and be able to take the action.

We may also notice that we tend to surround ourselves with people who are very polarised in their energy and again, long term exposure to one energy or another causes imbalance so we might find we need regular breaks from certain people or that we are drawn more to polarised people when we are lacking in that form of energy so that between us we create balance.

I will say here though that this type of balance is ok in short bursts but we need to be mindful not to create co-dependant relationships in preference to balancing our own energies.

When we are mindfully aware and notice that we are stuck or feeling a bit off, this awareness and understanding of the properties of the masculine and feminine energy can help us to find our balance again, taking control of our vibration and consequently improving our resilience, reducing our stress and finding ways to respond to life's difficulties without becoming overwhelmed or giving our power away to others.

It is this balancing act that allows us to manifest an abundant and fulfilling life while honouring our spiritual and our physical wellbeing needs.

If you would like to know more about the natural always or how you can become more balanced, please get in touch.


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