1:1 Sound Baths and Sound healing

Lay down with pillows and a blanket and bathe in the healing vibrations of gongs and singing bowls in a 1:1 Sound Bath..

*Not suitable for those with Epilepsy and Serious heart conditions*

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1:1 Sound Bath

Tibetan Prayer Bowls are small bowls that are usually made from an alloy containing copper, tin, zinc, iron, silver, gold and nickel.


When the bowl is played it produces tones that create a balancing effect on the body and mind promoting deep relaxation, emotional release and physical healing and improve wellbeing.


During a sound bath,you will be invited to lie down with blankets and a pillow while I play the bowls and small gong. The sound will emanate out and bathe you in their healing vibrations.

90 minute 1:1 appointment £65

1:1 Sound Bath or Drum Journey with Cacao Ceremony

* Not suitable for those with Epilepsy, serious heart conditions, taking anti depressants or pregnant. *

Enjoy a personalised, therapeutic and heart opening Cacao Ceremony including oracle cards, mindfulness, meditation and journaling followed by a relaxing and healing Sound Bath or Drum Journey

Drum journey is not suitable for those with serious mental health conditions

    2.5 hours   

      1:1 appointment