Empowered Woman: 6 week 1:1 Online Coaching

 Moving you forward

Working with me will help you to understand how mindset effects your brain and your body. 

We will explore how your mindset influences your mental health. 

I will support you in developing coping strategies and recognising how negative thought patterns and behaviours are contributing to your wellbeing. 

You will develop problem solving skills and create new behaviours to promote resilience and improve your self worth. 

Together we will identify and develop support strategies for a more empowered lifestyle.



Stand alone session

Book this session if you need an opportunity to talk through a specific problem or idea and would like professional advice, guidance and strategies to help you focus your mind and channel your energies.



Moving You Forward

We all have times where we need a friendly chat to help keep us positive and motivated whether it's  about our mental health or the goals that we've set but are struggling to achieve.

I will support you with goalsetting, wellbeing strategies and confidential chat in:
1 x video call each week.
1 x telephone call each week.
1 x texts each week.