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Why is getting up early good for me?

Updated: Feb 3

Chris Maragkakis. Blog author and life coach

I'm sure for a lot of you the idea of this fills you with dread. Let's look at why getting up early can be good for you and why if you could manage to do it even once or twice a week you would really notice a difference,

1.A slower start. Having time to wake up slowly, not look at phones or devices and enjoying a leisurely early morning cuppa can help you to set an intention of calm for the day.

An opportunity to meditate or do some journaling. Our brains are very susceptible to suggestion upon waking or just before sleep. Building a regular practice into our morning routine means that we are more likely to do it as we have quiet time whereas, things can often get in the way later in the day or we may have lost our focus and motivation.

2.Exercise. For those of us that like to exercise but struggle to find the time, getting up early may be the key. Exercising early in the morning means we ate less likely to skip it if we run out of time later and a healthy boost of endorphins ( feel good chemicals) can boost energy, reduce stress and improve your mood.

3.Eat breakfast. Having good quality food in the morning is important. Our body has rested and processed the fuel that we fed it the previous day and needs to be replenished if it is to work efficiently. Yet many of us grab something on the run or skip breakfast altogether. By getting up early, you will have the time to calmer prepare food (and let's not forget that the energy we put into preparing food is going to be consumed by us so it's much better if its a calm energy ) but you will also have time to eat slowly, savour the flavours, smells and texture of the food and digest your breakfast. What's more, you'd be practising mindfulness as this is what is often referred to as mindful eating.

4.Time to notice your mood and be grateful. Our state of mind will have a massive impact on how our day goes so its a great strategy to sit and observe how we are feeling so that we can challenge and change any negative thoughts or feelings. It's also a really great opportunity to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Feeling grateful creates a positive chemical reaction in the brain that can help us to overwrite negatively, improve our health and wellbeing and change our mindset. It is the jackpot of transitional emotions.

5.Be in nature. Dark or light, it's a beautiful experience to be out in nature in the early morning. The air smells different and there is a feeling of promise and beauty to the day. Obviously make sure that you are taking precautions to stay safe but go out and see the early morning stars or check out the moon or maybe watch the sun rise. It will lift your spirits and make you happy to be alive.

6.More time. Getting up early gives you more time to be productive during the day and so we can feel less under pressure or stretched. It also means that if we manage our time efficiently, that we can take more rest breaks in-between tasks to help support our mental and physical wellbeing.

7.Less time in traffic. If we leave earlier then we are less likely to waste our precious time Sat in a traffic jam and when we get where we're going, we can use the time we have gained to enjoy a podcast, go for a walk, catch up with friends or just sit and be still and have some much needed in our own head time.

8.Improves concentration A 2010 study by biologist Christoph Randler found that early risers tended to be more proactive, more focused and better problem solvers all of which contributed to better life outcomes nature and consequently less stress.

There are drawbacks of getting up early of course. You may feel tired in the middle of the afternoon, in which cause build in time to get up and move or maybe do a guided meditation to help you rest or you may find that you are tired earlier in the evening but your body will soon find its own rhythm and if you listen you that, you will find that you sleep better and feel more rested on waking.

So, how do you go from hiding under the covers hitting the snooze button to greeting the day along with the dawn chorus?

You can move the time your alarm is set for by 10 minutes each week until you are getting up earlier.

Get up Don't stay in bed when the alarm has gone off, the temptation to just have 5 more minutes is too great.

Reward yourself Enjoy a really good cup of coffee or have some me time before starting on whatever it was that you wanted this extra time for.

Sleep with your curtains open in the summer so that you wake up naturally with the light.

Treasure the time Having an hour to yourself before anyone else gets up to cuddle the dog ,plan your day, read or enjoy a spiritual practice is a joy. Luxuriate in it.

Of course, we are all built differently and for some getting up early genuinely makes them ill but staying up into the small hours in when they come alive and do their best work.

Get to know yourself and work with what's best for you so that you live every day to the full and make the most of all opportunities presented to you.

You can still have the odd lay in at the weekends and on holiday but all bet once you start greeting the day earlier you'll love it!

If you would like to work with me, please get in touch.

Have a fab week and take care of you. Chris.

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