Wellbeing tip #3

Let it go.

Generally we spend a lot of our lives trying to maintain the status quo as change makes us uncomfortable (although it's necessarily for us to grow and develop) and we believe that if we are worrying about things or trying to coerce people to bend to our will or trying to force events to happen that we are in control.

This is not so.

We are directing our energy in the wrong place and causing stress and unhappiness for ourselves.

In truth, we can't change what has happened in the past. It's already done. But we can learn from it.

We can't control the future as there are too many variables. But we can and should have a plan, prepare and be alert for opportunities.

So that leaves us with the present moment and we DO have total control over how we CHOOSE - and it is a choice - to respond to any given stimulus.

So let it go.

We can't control other people and make them do what we want without damaging relationships or incurring negative karma.

We can't keep things the same because all things pass.

We can't control what will happen.(We can attract things to us but that's a discussion for another day).

BUT we CAN choose to let the illusion of control go and not allow the past to dictate our future.

We CAN choose to focus all our energy on not letting our concerns about the future disrupt our peace.

We CAN choose to control how we respond to our thoughts, emotions and the events in our lives.

In doing this, we CAN have absolute control over our inner peace.



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