Reduce Anxiety with Vitamin B

Vitamin B for mental health and wellbeing

The vitamin B complex is made up of 8 vitamins and is essential for health and well-being.and impact on your energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism.

The Vitamin B complex helps helps to support or promote:

Growth of red blood cells and cell health

energy levels

healthy brain function

good digestion and a healthy appetite

nerve function

hormones and cholesterol production

heart health and muscle tone

In women:

B vitamins aid in fetal brain development and help to reduce the risk of birth defects, they can reduce nausea and pre-eclampsia and boost energy levels, making them vital to the diet of pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Signs of Vitamin B deficiency:

Skin rashes or cracks around the mouth


feeling weak

confusion or brain fog


irritability or anxiety


abdominal cramps

tingling fingers or toes

B vitamin can be found in :

Milk, cheese and eggs

meat, such as chicken and red meat, liver and kidney

fish, such as tuna, mackerel, and salmon, oysters and clams

vegetables, such as beets, avocados, and potatoes, spinach and kale

whole grains and cereals

beans, such as kidney beans, black beans, and chickpeas

nuts and seeds

fruits, such as citrus, banana, and watermelon

soy products and


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