My introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation

I’m Chris and I have been an holistic therapist for seventeen years now.

I first became interested in Holistic therapies when our daughter was very young and experiencing health problems. Conventional medicine wasn't working and I felt that we needed something different. I started looking at alternatives and holistic therapies caught my eye. I was vaguely aware of what they were but didn't really understand how they worked.

One of the ideas that caught my eye was Feng Shui. I started moving furniture around, de-cluttered they house and hey presto! The changes in her health were incredible, this made me determined to find out more. That was when I stumbled across Reiki which blew my mind.I mean how do you heal someone without touching them? I'll tell you, Reiki is the channeling of energy and it's amazing!! I qualified as a Reiki therapist and after successfully trying out my skills on our daughter ( now fighting fit) I began working from home.

I continued to look for an alternative way of living healthfully and discovered Mindfulness and Meditation. I just loved the simplicity of the strategies and the calm that meditation gave me. When a couple of my friends were going through a hard time, I told them what I knew and watched in amazement as they also changed their lives. I knew then that I had to get out there and teach this stuff. I could help so many people. I became a meditation teacher, gained Master level Mindfulness practitioner status and recently completed a diploma in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

I meditate daily and love the changes that living Mindfully has made to my life. I am calmer, happier and healthier and I don't sweat the small stuff.

I love sharing what I know, who knows? maybe it could change your life too.



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