Mindfulness in a pandemic

We are living in worrying times. Across the globe people are suffering with the effects of the COVID-19 virus either physically or through the strategies being put in place by governments and responsible authorities to manage it. We are all worried, about the impact this will have on our finances, the availability of food and household goods and the restrictions being placed on our freedom if not only for ourselves then for vulnerable members of our families and community, Fear based situations like this tend to polarise people, they either become altruistic and helpful or reactionary and ego centred a situation that is not helped by the relentless posting in the news, press and social media. Through mindfulness and meditation we come to understand that we cannot control the events or people around us, that the only thing that we can ever control is how we CHOOSE to RESPOND to a given stimuli. Here are a few ways in which you can mindfully respond while helping yourselves and the global community to navigate these uncertain and life changing times. Kindness - Kindness is the most amazing thing. The kinder we are to others, the more we help ourselves. I'm talking about genuine from the heart, full of love kindness. When we are kind, obviously we are helping someone else and that brings it's own sense of pleasure and can strengthen your relationship with that person, but it also does so much more. Showing kindness to others has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and improve our physical and mental health by releasing endorphins. It reduces loneliness by making us feel connected, calms aggression and reduces the effects of depression. It boosts our immune systems and reports show that the chances of cancer and heart disease is reduced. It's contagious! It spreads quickly and out of control if we allow it. So BE KIND! and make sure that you start with you. Self love - Mindfulness teaches us that no-one is perfect including ourselves and that is perfectly OK providing that each day we try to be a little better than the day before. We are exactly where we are meant to be, we have already achieved so much and must recognise and celebrate this. To truly love someone else, we need to love ourselves and we can do that by accepting who we are and that we all get things wrong occasionally. We tell children that everyone makes mistakes and that's how we learn but as adults a mistake is often met with judgement and intolerance.


Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.We are all on a journey, some will be more painful than others but every day provides an opportunity for us to learn something new or at the very least how not to do something again in order for us to reach our potential. Take time to look after your wellbeing through meditation, a hot bath, reading, listening to music, colouring, cooking, spending time in nature. The National Trust have just made access to beautiful green spaces free so get out there. Get to know yourself and embrace the amazing being that you and above all, be kind to yourself. Meditation - Meditation provides us with a much needed respite from the constant machinations of the brain which uses the ego (fear) to control our behaviours in an effort to keep us safe. The brain cannot distinguish from what is real or imagined only what it perceives through our conditioning and learned responses. Take time - we will have more of it- to go within and learn about the being you are, what you really want, how your thoughts and behaviours have been moulded and what you can do to change the things that no longer serve you. (coaching may also be an option for dealing with deeply established behaviours and subconscious thought patterns).

Meditation can be done almost anywhere that you find find a quiet space and requires no extra equipment. Check out our online classes/ groups if you want to develop this practice. (see link above) Be responsible - Take responsibility for the things that you say and do.These are stressful times and that can cause us to react rather than respond. Once those words have been said or that deed done, it can be very difficult to retract or undo the damage. Be compassionate with your thinking, kind with your words and generous with your actions. The scenes that we have seen at supermarkets recently are not responsible - there will be food to go around, let's make sure that everyone in our communities has some. Shop considerately. Take responsibility for your health and that of others by social distancing, washing your hands and self isolating if necessary. Taking responsibility improves your wellbeing by accepting the choices that you make and giving you control over how you deal with the situation. This in turn helps reduce the fear and anxiety about the unknown. A game changing strategy at any time but especially in this present moment. Be positive -Look for the positives in every situation - It is all to easy to be sucked into the doom and gloom of social media and global fear but there is always something positive that can be taken from any situation, even one as overwhelming as this. Be grateful that our planet has begun healing itself or people are getting in touch and enjoying the opportunity to communicate with each other over social media or the phone. In a situation like this, we cannot change what is happening, only how we choose to respond to it so moving forward positively is a helpful strategy for our wellbeing. For example, we have more time to do things such as learning a new skill, enjoying a hobby or taking care of our physical and mental health. This may be the time to seek help in addressing a long term issue . We can do the jobs that have been disturbing our peace by constantly lurking in the background. We can learn what not to do so that a pandemic like this does not happen again. Things happen all the time, it is up to us whether we choose to view them as good or bad or whether we accept that they just are, find a way to adapt and overcome and use this opportunity to learn and grow as spiritual beings. Being positive raises our energy and a higher energy vibration boosts our immune system which is exactly what we all need right now. Manifest - We are facing long periods of self isolation or reduced physical social contact. Make good use of this time by committing to your self development. It is tempting to constantly check in with the news or social media but maybe that time could be better used to identify the life you would like to be living and then through goal setting, mindfulness, manifestation and application of the natural laws including the law of attraction, put this time to use to design the life you would like to be living when normality ?? returns. How do you manifest? You identify your goals, you see them in your brain, you believe them in your mind and you feel them in your heart.Then you put what you need in place, look for the opportunities and wait for them to manifest. Adapt - The single biggest cause of stress is humanity's need to control things. We try to control other people, events, the weather and the future but it is a futile exercise. The mindful perspective teaches us that we have no control over such things as nothing stays the same, and there are too many variables to consider. In the time that you have taken to read this blog, your cells have died and been replaced, neural pathways have been developed, people have died, babies have been born, flowers have bloomed and the world has carried on spinning. Humans like habit and routine but this disease is forcing us to re-evaluate everything all the time and to try and maintain the status quo in the face of nature is futile and stressful. So adapt, find different meals to cook, keep in touch in different ways, get exercise at home or in green spaces, educate your children differently, adapt your working practices, shop differently. Nothing stays the same and all things pass. This will to so MAKE THE CHANGE. Adapt and you will be happier for it. Most importantly, whatever you decide to do, remember that we are a global community connected and sharing the same planet. What effects one of us will ultimately effect all of us. Choose compassion, choose kindness, be responsible and live mindfully. Keep safe and well and take care of each other. Namaste Chris

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