Mindful things to do #1

I thought that it would be a really good thing to challenge myself to find new things to do mindfully each week to improve my focus, challenge myself to be more present moment aware and help me to live life fully.

These are this weeks things:

Drinking my coffee.

I love coffee without milk and only allow myself two a day but have turned the afternoon cup into the most delicious experience.

To be honest, I usually pair said coffee with a chocolate as that is obviously a match made in heaven and just scrummy. However, rather than just pop the chocolate in my mouth and down my coffee while I'm doing something else, I have made a point of making my coffee in a beautiful china tea cup.I know, I'm living on the edge flouting convention so openly but it is the most beautiful and decadent cup.

I sit in my favourite chair often with the dog sprawled not so elegantly across me and I take a moment just to enjoy that wonderful experience - he's so gorgeous. I then allow myself to feel gratitude for the fact that I am fortunate enough to be able to enjoy two luxury items while sat in my lovely warm house with my dog.

I close my eyes and inhale the fabulous aroma wafting up from my cup and then I savour the first sip..hmmmmm...Next I take my chocolate, breath in deeply the sweet, mouth watering scent of that and then pop it in my mouth. LUSH!!

I then finish my cup of coffee, move the dog off my lap and get on with my day, but that short time has enriched my life and enabled me to be totally present moment aware.

Morning shower.

Previously my morning shower would just be a means of getting clean and an opportunity for all kinds of random musings of what has to be done during the day.

I have made a conscious choice to make it a mindful experience. I concentrate on the flow of deliciously hot water cascading over my head and imagine it washing tension and all that no longer serves me away. I focus on the creamy feel of the soap as I lather it up in my hands and inhale it's perfume and I am thankful for the feel of the muscles and my strong body under my hands as I wash.(tricky to write this one without it sounding a little x rated) anyway, that has claimed back another 5 mins - got to be water conscious - of my life that I would not have previously been focused on the present moment.

Living mindfully is about cultivating an awareness of each moment so that we are conscious of our connection with others,become non -judgemental and curious observers of our thoughts and experiences and move from a default auto pilot state of surviving life to a fully engaged, grateful and conscious state creating the life that we want to live.

What have you done mindfully this week?



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