Menopause Mindset

The menopause is a hot topic at the moment what with Davina McCall's fabulous, down to earth and informative programme, the discussion in the houses of parliament and Dr Louise Newson speaking in the public forum about woman's rights to have their hormones back. This is all vitally important and fantastic for woman's health and wellbeing but I'm going to leave the health and nutritional aspects of this subject in their very capable hands and talk about the importance of the menopause mindset.

For SO long now the menopause has been seen as the end of our lives as useful and productive women. This is when we become slaves to erratic hormones, brain fog and hot flushes and are no longer deemed to be of value in our achievement based culture. This is absolute rubbish ad completely untrue. I don't know where this vi

ew point came from but I am willing to challenge it loudly and proudly to all who will listen,

The menopause is a transition phase, this is true. It does generally happen to most women in their 50s (ish)and obviously there are physical symptoms but what I will NOT accept is that from a mindset perspective this is anything but an opportunity for us to benefit from all of our wisdom and experience and come into our own as empowered, confident, wise women and role models for other women.

This is the perfect time to reflect on our lives and ask ourselves what has gone well? What are our greatest achievements? What have we learne

d about ourselves? What have we learned about those around us? What do we like to do? What could we have done better? Once we can answer these questions honestly and without judgement (we are always our harshest critic) we can begin to understand that the answers to these questions are opportunities for us to learn more about our core beliefs and they way in which we live our lives.

This is where it gets a bit like an onion -stay with me. Once we have honestly answered the questions above, we can begin to challenge the concepts that either no longer serve us, don't hold true for us any more or are actually holding us back and begin to work on changing or losing them. Once we have identified these, we can go another layer deeper – onion analogy! with the ones that we want to keep and ask how can they better support my life? How can they make me more confident? How can I express myself better? How can I empower myself to be more? We can then go another layer deeper and ask o

urselves: with all that I know and have experienced, with all that I have chosen to keep and work

with how can I live the life that I now know that I want to live?

When we have arrived at a sense of how we want our life to be going forward and it may only be a sense at first because this sense is our inner self/ higher purpose/ goddess within -call it what you will finally breaking through and being listened to, we can then begin to look for ways to make things happen.

How do I do this? I hear you ask. Through conversation,day dreaming, meditation, researching, soul searching and guidance. We can then look at each dream or goal and break it down into small manageable tasks that can be worked

on easily within our current life so that each day we are doing something to change our lives and st

eering it in the direction we want it to go.

It is by taking responsibility for the decisions that we have made in life – the good and the bad, learning from them and using that wisdom to move forward that we build resilience, become more confident, have faith that we can face our fear and empower ourselves to reach our full and amazing potential.

This may sound fantastical and almost impossible when life is already busy enough and we all have responsibilities BUT, we don't have to neg

lect our families and friends to live differently, we need to change our mindset so that we prioritise what is important to us, we set clear boundaries, have coping strategies for when life inevitably kicks us in the teeth and we are ready to prioritise our wellbeing not only because we cannot support and guide others if we are not strong but also because if not now, when?

So you see, the menopause is not the beginning of the end, it is the gateway into the part of our life where all that we have learned o

n our journey so far becomes the strength that we use to unleash the woman within, fulfil our potential and

live with confidence.

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