Meditation - I love it and make sure that I do it every day.

Meditation for me is the best way of relaxing, I love the sense of calm that it brings. It helps me to understand what I want and how I think as I spend time quietly getting to know me. It gives me an opportunity for me to create in my mind the life I want to live.

There are so many different ways to meditate. If I want peace, I focus on my breath, if I want answers, I allow myself to ponder a question and wait for ideas to formulate in my mind. If I want something to happen, I picture it in my mind in detail and wait for it to happen (Law of attraction).

Many people have the misconception that you must be sat cross legged on the floor and that meditation is achieved by emptying your mind and staring into space. This is not so. Meditation is the act of focusing on one thing be it the breath, mantra, activity or question completely without judgement, with curiosity and totally in the present moment.

The minute you try to meditate, the brain becomes a box of frogs and starts jumping around all over the place. That is totally normal. Like any other muscle, the brain needs training. That's why meditation is called a practice, it needs to be practised.

The best thing about meditation is that you can't get it wrong. It doesn't really matter how you sit, stand or lie or what activity you are doing .You don't need any special equipment and you can do it anywhere. If you are focusing on one thing to the exclusion of everything else, then you are meditating and it's bliss.

Artists and sports people call it being in the zone, Buddhists call it living in the moment, Mindfulness practitioners call it present moment awareness.What we call it doesn't matter, it's doing it regularly that counts.

Meditation is well documented for the physical and mental health benefits. But in my opinion the best benefit is getting to spend quality time with yourself each day. The more I understand who I am in that moment ,the better I understand what I want, how I react to situations and people,what causes me to stress out and what I am attracting into my life. I can then make the adjustments necessary for me to be better, happier and calmer. I do all of this without judging myself and with self compassion. After all, I am only human and we all are a work in progress.



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