Let it go!

When I was first training to become an holistic therapist SO many years ago. - I know, I don't look old enough - I was taught that part of my role was to help energy move through the body and be released.

The body holds on to the energy of accidents and upsets, trauma and illness and if we don't clear it out, it will fester and effect our physical and mental wellbeing. But it's not just the energy of the event that is stored in the body, oh no! Each event has attached to it assumptions and beliefs that we assign to it. There can be an infinite number of these depending on our age and our experience and we can find ourselves with SO much trapped energy in our body that is building up like a pressure cooker desperate to be released.

This release will come through tears or angry outbursts or an emotional outburst and you won't really know where it came from or what triggered it. The body and mind just reacted to the need to release the safety valve so that we can continue to function.

These outbursts are not the best way of managing the situation and can also cause more problems in their wake as we may have said or done things that we later regret. And of course, this very outburst will have it's own energy that we be stored in the body along with the assumptions and beliefs that we associate with this event and on and on it goes.

Another issue with holding onto this energy is that we are "full up" and fresh new energy full of vitality and opportunity has no place to go. This can effect our motivation, health, confidence and relationships.

Consciously letting go of all that no longer serves us, enables us to let go of the past, live in the moment, welcome new experiences to enrich and nourish us.

So how do we let go?

We work on understanding that the past has gone, we cannot change what has happened but we can change the way we view it and learn from it so that it doesn't negatively effect our future.

We can choose not to hold grudges or take other people's comments to heart.

We can move the energy through us with holistic therapies, exercise, meditation, breathwork and sound.

We can consciously set an intention each day to let go of all that no longer serves us.

We can look for positivity and be open to new experiences.

We can make space in our lives for new energy to flow in and we can be mindful to count our blessings so that we attract more opportunities to be blessed into our consciousness.

We be kind to ourselves. We are all only human doing the best that we can with what we know at the time and that is absolutely ok as long as we intend to be a little better tomorrow.

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