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How to find the real you.

Updated: Apr 6

Life and Mindset therapist. Essex. Suffolk. UK. Online

I often share mindset tips and there is a lot of information on how to keep our bodies healthy but I wanted to look at how you can learn how to connect to the real you. Some people call this spirit, others the consciousness and it's often also referred to as the awareness within.

What you call it isn't important but for the purposes of this blog, I'm going to call it spirit. What is important is that we acknowledge it and foster it's growth because this is vital for our development and wellbeing.

When we acknowledge and align to our core being, we can step into alignment, be truly authentic and live the life that best suits our needs so that we can be fulfilled. It is here that we truly find joy.

So what exactly am I talking about?

You know when you have a thought? Well the thought comes from the brain. The brain is essentially a super computer that analyses information and then based on previous experience and conditioning comes up with an idea. Fantastic, job done.

The spirit is the part of you that is aware of the thought. In the same way that the eyes see- that's what they're designed for and the brain identifies what is being looked at but the spirit is the one aware of this process.

Your spirit is the essence of you but it is widely thought that we are all connected through our energy and awareness. This is why we can often pick up on other people's thoughts or when someone walks intonation room you get a feel for them.

It is this essence of us that has been drowned out by the importance that we place on the mind and what it tells us. Over hundreds of years of conditioning we have learned not to listen to our I tuition or what we feel to be right. We have largely lost our connection to the rhythms of earth energy and we have trapped our spirits in a human cage while we search for external achievements, possessions and scientific explanations.

This is why in my opinion so many people are struggling with mental health issues or addiction. In some cases, they have what should be the perfect life in the they have a beautiful house, good job, happy relationships, money, respect but for them, its not enough, they feel that something is missing.

For others, they have sought a different way to live and struggled because while they know in their bones that this is not how they want to live, they haven't been able to connect with their spirit so this understanding could be expressed and acted upon. So let's look at how you can connect to the real you.

Mostly, it's in the joy. When we are feeling joyful and for me the best way to describe it is a lightness of heart and bliss feeling.Then I know that I am in alignment with the essence of me.

Mindfulness can help foster the connection to spirit because as we become more aware of how we think, speak and behave, we can identify which of those come from conditioning or learned behaviours and which of them feel right and true to us.

Through meditation or creating quiet we reduce the chatter that constantly goes on in our mind we can begin to glimpse our spirit in the feelings or thoughts that arise. We know this is spirit and not mind, because it feels right.

On a more practical level, it's found through identifying the activities that you love to do. The ones that fill your heart with joy or complete peace, the ones that you would do all day without payment, the ones where you go into the zone or completely relinquish thought and go with the flow of what you are experiencing. The ones where you feel a deep sense of connection and love.These are the things that connect us to our spirit and they are often found in nature, through artistic expression or through sport.

When we acknowledge the activities that make our hearts sing, then we can begin to design a life around those activities. I know that we have bills to pay and that means that we need to work but the key would be in finding the right type of work so that you are doing what you love. If that's not possible, then it's about making sure that what you are doing is not in contradiction to your spirit and that you can look for the positives in the employment so that you are not existing and having the life sucked out of you each day.

The same applies to where you live. Don't be driven by what society tells you is the right way to live. If you feel that you need to live in a wooden house near water, then find a job or weekend house or go camping so that even if you can't do it all of the time, at least you are creating opportunities to feed your spirit.

Eat the foods that make you feel well. If your life is so busy that you only have time to consume heavily processed foods and your know with all your being that your body wants organic, raw foods, then look at what you can do differently to facilitate this. Maybe ask for a course on pure eating for a present, spend less time on media and use the time saved to prepare food, make it a priority in your life and reap the benefits of doing what you feel is best for you.

Be honest about the people in your life. The ones that stifle or try to control you need to be managed so that you are free to express yourself as you truly are.

The habits that you have adopted to conform should be challenged to ensure that you are not stifling the amazing qualities that you have to offer in order for you to belong in what may be the wrong groups for you to thrive.

When you are feeding your spirit through the right thoughts and actions for you, you will find that stress and anxiety is greatly reduce. A sense of contentment and fulfillment is gained and you manifest more of what you need to grow into your life so that you truly experience all of life through a connected body, heart and spirit rather than the fractional experience that a faceless system has told you is life.

You are amazing, we all are. We are all unique an have something glorious to share with the world. The next step for us to take is the shift from doing to being so that we can reach our incredible potential and together become stronger.

If this is speaking to your spirit and you know that the time is right for you to act, please get in touch and let's talk.



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