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How to become an empowered woman.

Updated: Feb 3

Have you noticed how everything seems out of balance at the moment?

The world has become a very aggressive, consumer led place. I feel this is because we are lacking in clear policies and interventions to support female empowerment.

Empowerment is defined as authority or power given to someone to do something and the process of becoming stronger in relation to controlling one's life.

I speak with so many women who feel overwhelmed with the roles placed upon them by society, that they have lost sight of who they truly are and have little or no support to make the time and space to reconnect with their spirit and live authentically so that they can reach their full potential.

This is problematic not only for them but for society as a whole. When we are not represented equally in the power making roles across the world, we lose part of our perspective, part of our problem solving skills, mediating skills, reasoning, communication, empathy, and understanding.

This impacts on every decision that is made in homes, workplaces, courts and governments and we are only benefiting from a limited perspective.

Every person on this planet deserves to be respected, empowered and loved so that they can be the best version of themselves and bring those skills and insights to the wider community. I am focusing on women because female empowerment is my passion but these strategies apply to all disempowered groups.

What can you do to empower yourself?

Put clear boundaries in place.

Work out what is causing you to feel disempowered or overwhelmed and set clear boundaries to prevent that happening. For example, if everyone always assumes you will do something and the next occasion happens where they go , you're ok to do that aren't you, say actually no, is there someone else who can do that please or thank you for asking but I'm not comfortable doing it this time. Make time for yourself so that you can honour your needs and wellbeing. Respect yourself and others will do the same.

Use positive language when you talk about yourself ( and others)

When yo say something negative or disparaging about yourself, you give others the permission to do the same.

Stop being a people pleaser

Do not play down your skills, joy , relationship or life to make someone else feel better.

Allow unsupportive people or situations to leave your life

Just because someone s in our life, it doesn't mean we have to keep them there. If you have people who do not support you or put you down, either manage the time you spend with them or how you interact with them or allow them to fade from your life. Do the same with situations that are not serving you.

Get a life coach.

Everyone can benefit from coaching. You may baulk at the cost and find reasons why you can't spend that money on your happiness and wellbeing but ask yourself what the long term cost will be if you don't.

What can YOU do to empower other women?

Anything. It doesn't matter what you do or how small and insignificant it seems, do something!

Women are judged by other women. Why do we do that? Stop it!

If you do one thing today, do that. We have no idea what that woman has been through, how she is feeling, how she hurts ,loves, survives. Her physical appearance, car, house and lifestyle are not her. Then are the tools she uses to get approval from the people that would judge her.

Be supportive.

When you see the woman struggling to be everything to everyone, ask yourself what you can do to help her and then do it with no expectation in return.

Offer a helping hand.

Support charities and organisations working with women and children. Support women in business, buy from them promote them (because they can do the job, not because they are female) create a workplace that allows women to succeed as women.

Watch your language.

We still tend to tell female children that they are beautiful or like a princess while we tell boys that they are clever. Take responsibility for what you say.

Be a good role model.

Channel the divine feminine and show other women and girls that by stepping into your femininity and womanhood , you are powerful, capable, nurturing and empowering.

Support the female narrative.

When a woman speaks up and shares, Thank her for being honest and vulnerable and tell her that you see her.

Join women's groups, run circles, host women only groups and attend, create or facilitate safe spaces for women to come together and be heard, share their story and lift each other up.

The old African proverb that if you educate a man you educate an individual but if you educate a women, you educate a whole nation still stands true and each off us has knowledge to share that can help us to empower ourselves, our children and ultimately our nation.

We just have to do something!!

If you would like to spend time in a Women's circle, I run a free monthly online one. Please dm me for the joining details.

If you would my my coaching support to empower yourself then please get in touch.

Whatever you do, make a difference .

Take care.

Chris x

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