Environmentally friendly wellbeing.

It's easier than you think to be green and improve your wellbeing and the wellbeing of our planet.

Every year I create a plan or a vision board for the things that I want to achieve or change in my life and June being the mid point of the year is when I like to review my progress. (In fact I would have been running a vision board event this month for that exact purpose had it not been for COVID 19)

On my vision board for this year I had travel and running a Greek retreat - I'll leave you to work out how well that's gone - moving parts of the business online - that's gone well but most definitely feels like a be careful what you wish for outcome and finally to live a greener, more sustainable life. I'm pleased to say that the last one has gone really well.

Over the last year I've worked hard to reduce the amount of plastic that we bring into the house and reduce the waste that our lifestyle produces and that has been surprisingly easy. It just required a little thought and a shift in buying habits.

As each piece of make up or toiletry product finished, I swapped it for cruelty free, ethically produced, chemical free and sustainably packaged product.

I have changed to shampoo, conditioner and deodorant bars, bars of soap rather than a liquid version, bamboo toothbrushes, coconut oil, biodegradable mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow.

I ditched the cleanser and toner and now use a micro fibre make up cloth which goes in the wash each week. I have and even managed to find a eco friendly nail polish – I do love to have my toe nails painted at all times!!

I have made sure that all my sanitary products are chemical free and biodegradable and the dog's poo bags have been changed to a eco friendly version.

I stopped buying wrapping paper and use brown paper with odds of ribbon or broken jewellery for decoration instead and where I can, I buy locally from small businesses.

We eat a lot less meat and the meat that we do eat now is of better quality, we have grown our own veggies for years and have even been know to make wine and cider too, some more successful than others :-)

My new focus is cleaning products. It really bothers me how many chemicals I use for the washing, dishwasher and housework.

I've been following a young British couple that moved to Crete to live a more sustainable life and she shared recipes for a natural cleaning spray and a biodegradable, natural washing liquid for clothes. I have made and used both of the successfully and feel so much better to have reduced the chemical damage to our planet.

The cleaning spray is made of 350ml of white wine vinegar, 350ml of water and 12 drops of essential oil. The washing liquid is 6tbs of grated saponified olive oil soap – I am married to a Greek after all :-) - and 250ml of boiling water. It's then added to the detergent drawer as usual.

My next challenge is to make my own chemical free dishwasher tablets so watch this space.

All of these changes have made me more conscious of the way we live and I am mindfully acknowledging our impact on the environment and making the changes that I can while still enjoying the benefits of modern living.

I really believe that if we all change just one thing about the way we live, we can make a massive difference to our planet's outcome. It would be such shame if after lockdown where mother nature has begun to repair the damage that we have done only for us to resume to business as usual.

What will you change today?



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