Compassion in the face of politics

Arghhh! has been my primary thought this morning.

Not because of the result of the election although I can't pretend to be pleased about that but because of the vitriol on social media.

We all have a right to an opinion and rational discourse provides an excellent way to express views and learn about other perspectives but when we resort to name calling and personal comments, we begin to lose a little of our humanity.

Regardless of geography, religion and politics we are the human race and as such an interconnected community. What impacts one of us impacts us all as it effects how we relate to those around us which in turn has a knock on effect on our environment and fellow sentient beings.


It's a sad truth that in times of adversity people chose to join together with people they feel to be the same as them or at least hold the same values and that's ok to a point as long as our foremost thoughts when responding to adversity are compassionate.

When we dominate another human being or animal,we are setting ourselves up for more suffering as what we think about the most is what we attract. So if we find ourselves steeped in anger and hatred, we are likely to attract other situations that will bring us opportunities to hate and feel angry about.

If we can instead endeavour to step back from the emotional reaction to a situation and through compassion and rational thinking look for possible solutions that enable all involved to be valued and heard, we have a better opportunity of reducing conflict and dissension.We can agree common goals and work together while recognising that we all have different views, cultural expectations and religious and social needs.

Compassion enables us to see our adversaries as fellow human beings with needs and dreams of their own and can help us to keep all that makes being human fantastic at the forefront as we help to educate each other and grow as communities. Hatred, oppression and anger only serve to impact our karma and future life events and in very drastic situations radicalise those we seek to help.

Whether we agree with the current leadership or not, we have the choice to live our lives with good intentions, love for our fellow beings and kindness and compassion towards one and all. Don't let the media distract you from realising your full potential,choosing the life that you want to live and creating that reality through positivity, gratitude and kindness.

The next few years will bring much uncertainty and financial change to this country, lets aim to support each other with compassion and tolerance while accepting that our differing views can bring about better solutions if we open channels for respectful discourse.

Love thy neighbour is not a trite sentiment trotted out in various religious and spiritual ideologies, it is a skill for living that raises our vibration, sets us on the path to enlightenment and truly helps us to evolve and grow into an inclusive and responsible human race.

Be many things, but always be kind.


Chris. Simply be retreats and therapies xx

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