Anxiety and the Menopause

We will all have different experiences of the menopause .

Some of us may experience anxiety, panic attacks and depression and left unresolved, they can end up controlling our future.

Menopausal Anxiety can be triggered by the hormone imbalances that we are experiencing.

As with the other aspects of our menopause we can empower ourselves through education and sharing stories to find ways to cope.

Journaling can be really beneficial when dealing with anxiety or depression. It can also help us to identify what is triggering our feelings.

Once we have written down what we are worrying about it becomes easier to distance ourselves from the emotion of our thoughts and we can begin to rationalise how we are feeling and what we need to do to feel better.

If your anxiety is waking you up during the night, rather than tossing and turning, keep a journal by your bed.

Or if you prefer, get up, make a hot drink and then journal. You weren't sleeping anyway and may feel better for physically moving. Hopefully you will then be able to go back to bed and sleep.

You can also try controlling your breathing to help alleviate the physical symptoms of anxiety.

Start by breathing in for a count of 4, holding the breath for a count of 2 and releasing the breath to a count of 6.

Avoiding caffeine and alcohol may help with both sleeping and anxiety and having a good, balanced diet can help us to feel well and keep our brain chemistry balanced.

Exercising regularly can also really help with our mental health by getting us out of our heads and releasing feel good chemicals such as dopamine.

Meditating alone can be difficult if you are feeling stressed or anxious but there are lots of guided mediations available on YouTube or via apps such as Calm

If you are struggling to manage your anxiety then it is important to seek help.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can help you to identify long term behaviour changes and coping strategies to free yourself from worry.

If you would like to know more or have any questions please get in touch.

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