Meditation - I love it and make sure that I do it every day.


Meditation is a wonderful way to relax and experience a sense of calm. It can help us to understand what we want and how we think as we spend time quietly getting to know ourselves. It gives us an opportunity to create in our mind the life we want to live.


There are so many different ways to meditate. 


 Meditation is the act of focusing on one thing be it the breath, mantra, activity or question completely without judgement, with curiosity and totally in the present moment.


Artists and sports people call it being in the zone, Buddhists call it living in the moment, Mindfulness practitioners call it present moment awareness.What we call it doesn't matter, it's doing it regularly that counts.


Meditation is well documented for the physical and mental health benefits. 


1:1 Mindfulness and Meditation Class

1:1 Mindfulness and Meditation session where I will guide you through the principles of mindfulness and the practicalities of meditation to enable you to find a sense of calm.

Working internationally online or in my therapy caravan in Halstead, Essex.



 1:1 Meditation class

An individual Meditation lesson tailored to you. 
Meditation can help you find the calm in your life.
I will guide you through all aspects of meditation from posture to practice.
I look forward to welcoming you

Working internationally online or in my therapy caravan in Halstead, Essex


PDF course with audio downloads.

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