Reiki Drum Journeys and Healing

HScience has proven that prolonged rhythmic drumming takes us into deep meditative state. Reiki drumming takes this further still by using the healing and protection available to us through reiki energy, enabling us to experience mindfulness to improve  our wellbeing and connect to our spirit guides to receive wisdom, guidance and healing

*Not suitable for those with epilepsy, pacemaker or serious mental health conditions.*


1:1 Reiki Drum Journey

Let the rhythm of the drum take you on a journey through meditative states as your higher consciousness supports you in finding your truth.

You will be invited to set your intention before you journey supported by reiki protection.

Lie down, snuggle into your blanket and enjoy being surrounded by sound in this healing and enlightening experience


 1 hour



Group journeys also available


1:1 Reiki Drum Emotional and mental reprogramming

Science has proven that prolonged rhythmic drumming takes our brain into a deep meditative state, enabling us to communicate with the sub conscious mind. 

Working closely together, we will explore the change you are ready to make and using affirmations and suggestion during the drumming,we will work on reprogramming emotions and beliefs for your higher good

75 minutes




1:1 Drum Journey with Cacao Ceremony

Science  has shown us that steady drumming can help us to reach altered states of perception. This vibration is what connects us to our inner wisdom.


Enjoy heart opening Cacao followed by enlightening Drum journeying as you connect to your heart and discover your purpose in this beautiful ceremony including oracle cards, meditation and journaling

2.5 hours

1:1 appointment