Workplace Wellbeing

Stress, anxiety, depression and poor wellbeing affect not only the individual but the culture of your workplace too.

Many companies are looking to Mindfulness based wellbeing to support their staff

Workshops and Coaching 

To support your staff,  I am available for Wellbeing Workshops or coaching. The workshops are not only for women but for your entire workforce, demonstrating how Mindfulness and Mindset can help to manage not only personal stress, anxiety and wellbeing but also how to support  colleagues and make the work environment more empowering for all and can be delivered in person or online. Prices start from £175 for a half day online session and from £350 for a whole day event.


 The coaching is one to one to provide a person centred approach. I work with Talking Therapies to help  break negative thought and behaviour patterns, improve motivation, and achieve goals in both personal and professional aspects. I believe that developing an equal and compassionate relationship is what  facilitates honest expression allowing arising issues to be addressed proactively. I know that change happens with great support so I combine Life  Coaching with Mindfulness and Wellbeing strategies to create positive and lasting change. Session can be delivered 1:1 either in person or online and cost £350 for six sessions 

With organisations now having a responsibility to their staff for mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, my workshops or coaching packages are an effective way to empower your staff to be proactive in managing their own mental health.


If you feel that this style of workplace wellbeing suits your staff and their needs, then please get in touch to discuss a tailor made solution for your organisation.



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